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Hobbie, Occupations, Métier: Descriptions
Using liquid nitrogen as cold source, in the low temperature grinder system, the materials for grinding enters mechanical grinding chamber after they have been turned into easily grinded embrittlement state at low temperature. The grinding effect is achieved by the high speed rotation of the impeller, the repeated impact, collision, shear and friction between the materials and the blade, the tooth disk, the material and the material. The crushed materials are graded and collected by the airflow sieve classifier. Materials that do not meet the fineness requirement return to the bin and continue to grind, and most of the air conditioning returns to the silo for recycling use.
● In the material grinding process, the cold source of the low temperature grinding system forms a closed circuit circulation system, which makes full use of energy and saves energy consumption. The temperature of the cold source for grinding can be reduced to minus 196 degrees. According to the embrittlement point temperature of the material, its temperature can be controlled during the grinding process. The best crushing temperature can be selected to reduce the energy consumption.
● The fineness of grinding can reach 10-700 mesh or even micron μ fineness.
● Using liquid nitrogen as grinding medium to realize the comprehensive effect of ultra-low temperature comminution, explosion-proof and anti-oxidation of materials, etc.

This grinder is suitable for various materials that cannot be crushed at room temperature. It is widely used in
● polytetrafluoroethylene, Nylon: (PA11,RA12,PA4/6,PA6/10,PA6/6,PA6/9,POM PC PET PBT PPO);
● Special engineering plastics. Color Masterbatch: FR,TPU,PSU,PPS,PEEK,PIM,VHMWPE; general plastics: PVC,PE,PP,PS,AS,ABC;
● Food additives: pepper, mustard and other oily materials.
● Biology;
● Chinese herbal medicine: Ganoderma lucidum spore broken wall, licorice, antelope horn, hippocampus, fish skin, fish scales, fish bone, shrimp s****, turtle, etc.;
● Fine chemical industry: pipeline anticorrosive powder, rubber, powder coating and other thermosensitive materials.
Technical Parameters
● Crusher disk diameter Φ 200, rotational speed 3000-6000rr / mm; optional according to user’s material.
● The grinding temperature is -140 ℃, the particle size of feed is less than Φ 5-10mm, and the material is precooled for 5-10 minutes.
● Crushing objects should be less than the hardness of Chrome's No. 4 animals and plants (such as turtle, snake, Chinese medicine, rubber, plastics, etc.).
● Crushing fineness 80-325 mesh, yield 10-180 kg / h.
● Machine dimensions: 1860 × 1300 × 1700mm (L × W × H).
Attention for Use
Low temperature grinder is a kind of crushing machine which uses liquid nitrogen gasification as a cold source. Below points need to be paid attention to during the use.
● For thermosensitive materials, high toughness materials (such as plastics), FDV model low temperature freezing grinder can be equipped with liquid nitrogen tanks for low temperature grinding.
● The low temperature freezing grinder is equipped with liquid nitrogen container containing liquid nitrogen pump.
● When using, follow the following steps: a) the liquid nitrogen outlet is aligned with the feeding port to start the low temperature freezing grinder; b) the liquid nitrogen control switch is opened, and the liquid nitrogen flows into the grinding tank before feeding.
● When stopping, follow the following steps: a) about half a minute to one minute after stopping feeding, turn off the low temperature grinder power; b) turn off the liquid nitrogen control switch; c) remove the liquid nitrogen tank for cleaning.
● Please wear thick gloves to prevent frostbite while cleaning.Grinder manufacturers
Centres d'intérêts: Stainless steel plug valve, Stainless steel flanged plug valve, API Series stainless steel plug valve.
Sleeve type soft sealing plug (ANSI) is applicable to the cutting and connection of pipelines medium that are used in various industries such as petroleum, chemical industry, pharmacy, chemical fertilizer, power industry etc under nominal pressure of class 150-900LBS
1.Size: 2inch
2.Pressure: 300LB
3.Material: CF3M
4.Connection: Flange
5.Operation: Lever
1.The product has reasonable structure, reliable sealing, excellent performance and beautiful appearance
2.Its sealing is realized by the sealing face around the sleeve. It has unique 360 degree metal edge for protection and fixing of the sleeve.
3.There Is no cavity in the valve for accumulation of medium.
4.Metal edge provides the function of self-cleaning when the plug is rotated, applicable to the operation condition that is glutinous and apt to smudge.
5.Its characteristic double-direction flow makes installation and sue more convenient.
6.The materials of the parts and sizes of flanges can be reasonably configured according the actual operation condition of the requirements of the customers, so as to meet the various needs of engineering.
Product Name:jacket plug valve
Size:1/2"inch to 24inch(DN15 to DN600)
Pressure rating150LB to 1500LB (PN10 to PN40)
Material:WCB, WC9, C5,CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M
Port:Full Port
End connection:RF
Operation typeHandwheel, worm, level
Design Standards:API6D
Face to Face:ASME B16.10
Test standard:API6D
Flange standard:ASME B16.5Plug Valve
Pays: Azerbaidjan Azerbaidjan
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